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We Care About Kids!

Two young blond boys in dental exam chairOur practice loves treating the whole family – including children. We use the latest advancements in children’s dentistry that are delivered with care and concern to maintain your child’s dental health for years to come. We teach and encourage them to have good dental hygiene on a daily basis to keep all their natural teeth for a lifetime. And we enjoy getting to know them and watching them grow year after year with a beautiful smile.

Calming Dental Fears

Growing up, many of us had bad experiences and memories of a trip to the dentist years ago. We make it our goal that children will look forward to coming to our office. The atmosphere at our practice is a relaxed and happy place and the newer technology we use makes treatments relatively quick and pain free. Whether it is your child’s first visit to a dentist or he or she has had a traumatic experience in the past, we can change that fear into calmness, making it easy for both child and parent in keeping good dental health for kids. 

A Child's Dentist is Equally as Important as Their Pediatrician

Smiling young girl in pigtailsMore so than an adult, a child’s teeth are very susceptible to cavities. The tooth enamel is not as hard or thick as in mature teeth and children tend to eat foods high in sugar. From your child’s first appointment, we emphasize the importance of instilling good brushing and flossing habits and to minimize his or her eating of sugary foods. Parents are advised to not only see that a child maintains daily dental care, but to oversee that their child brushes and flosses properly. Teeth that do not receive proper brushing have prolonged exposure to acid from eating and will develop cavities. 

With today’s dentistry, we can apply a fluoride varnish to children’s mineralizing teeth, which significantly reduces the chance of cavities developing (along with good dietary and hygiene habits.) These efforts combined help to keep a healthy, attractive smile on your child’s face as they grow year after year. 

Preventing Tooth Decay with Sealants

Young boy in exam chair with his mouth open wideThere will always be a day here and there where a child may not brush properly even with supervision. There may be deep groves that are hard to reach in the back of teeth that don’t get cleaned as well as they need. Bacteria and acid form plaque, which leads to decay. When decay has set in, the tooth is permanently damaged and can only be repaired with a filling or crown. 

This damage to teeth and expense in repair can be halted with an application of dental sealants at an early age. It is a pain free way that is quick and easy to greatly reduce the chances of your child having cavities. Here is how it is done:

After the teeth are cleaned and sterilized, we apply a thin, plastic coating that is clear or whitish in color. A curing light is used to bond the sealant in place. And it is just that simple and easy – it takes only a few minutes. There are no shots, no drills, and the tooth structure is left intact. 

Healthy smiles for your entire family! Give us a call today at (203) 268-5051 to schedule your child’s visit.

Drs. Fatse and Scovic

The Offices of John G. Fatse, DMD

Drs. John Fatse and John Scovic have been practicing top-level dentistry in Monroe, CT, for decades. Their expertise enables them to perform advanced procedures, including dental implant surgery and complex full mouth reconstructions, in-house at our high-tech, inviting practice. Their prestigious affiliations include:

  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • The Academy of General Dentistry
  • The American Academy of Implant Dentistry

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