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Dental Implants

You have several options to replace missing teeth and create a stunning smile, but they are not all equal.

Only dental implants can restore smiles and prevent the jawbone deterioration that introduces new dental woes.

The Offices of John G. Fatse, DMD, in Monroe, CT, excel at placing dental implants that create smiles you love and protect dental health.

Dental implant

Why Are Dental Implants the Preferred Treatment for Missing Teeth?

Traditional tooth replacement methods look like teeth, but they lack a crucial feature: tooth roots. This hidden part of your natural tooth stimulates the jawbone, preventing it from wasting away. Without stimulation, the jawbone recedes and more teeth can be lost.  

A dental implant, which is a titanium post inserted into your jaw, is an artificial root that encourages bone growth and keeps your jaw strong. It also supports the natural-looking tooth restoration that fills the gap in your smile and gives you the strong bite that allows you to eat the food you enjoy.

Dr. John Fatse and Dr.  John S. Scovic

Are You Looking to Replace Missing Teeth?

Whether you are replacing one tooth or many, Drs. Fatse and Scovic make dental implant treatment as convenient as possible. Because of our advanced capabilities, we can complete all phases of your dental implant right here at the Offices of John G. Fatse, DMD, in Monroe. If you need preparatory steps before the implant, we can treat advanced gum disease, as well as perform bone grafts and sinus lifts.

Our comprehensive services, friendly team, and CareCredit® interest-free financing draws patients from Monroe, CT; Huntington, CT; Newtown, CT; and nearby communities. Call to learn more or request a consultation:

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Not Your Standard Dentist Praised for Expertise & Technology


Steve Koz


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Great place with an excellent dentist and staff. They have the tools and ability to do more than your standard dentist. Highly recommend Dr. John Scovic.

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Allie Kline


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Highly recommend Dr. Fatse’s office!! Best dental experience I’ve had by far. The office staff are so pleasant, kind and welcoming and Dr. Fatse is extremely thorough and informative. Extremely satisfied!!

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Here's How a Dental Implant Is Placed ...

When you are missing a single tooth, one implant will be placed to support a natural-looking artificial tooth,
replicating the original one from root to crown. Multiple implants can be used to support a denture.

Have You Been Told You Are Ineligible for Implants?

Traditional vs mini dental implant

Mini Dental Implants May Be an Option If You Lack Bone Density

One of the downsides of missing teeth is the accompanying loss of bone density in the jaw. Without enough bone, you may not be able to support a traditional dental implant. If this is the problem you face, there may be an alternative: mini dental implants. 

Mini dental implants, which are made of titanium, are similar to traditional ones, just smaller. They are about the diameter of a toothpick, which makes them small enough to fit where a traditional implant can't. In addition to not requiring as much bone density, mini implants are less expensive and the procedure is less invasive, which makes recovery faster.

Trabecular Metal Dental Implant

New Implant Material Offers 
Hope for High-Risk Patients

In addition to titanium implants, we offer Trabecular Metal™ Dental Implants, which have been shown to speed up bone formation and healing.

In some cases, final restorations can be placed in as little as two weeks as compared to the months required with titanium implants.  

Trabecular Metal Dental Implants are giving new hope to patients whose risk factors, such as diabetes or cancer treatments, have made them ineligible for conventional implants.

Trabecular implants may also be an option for people who have experienced implant failure with standard implants. 

Professional, Caring Dentists 5-Star Reviews


Frank O'Brien


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Professional and friendly. Hygienist Melissa was a real pro, concerned about my comfort, explained each part of her process and made sound suggestions for improving my dental health. Dr John Fatse also did an excellent job analyzing/diagnosing a new patient and communicating needed procedure. Much more comfortable when you are in the company of actual professionals.

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Kaydie Blaisze


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Love love love Dr. Fatse. Extremely great service. Treats his patients with care at all times and never sugar coats anything for a buck. I always leave his office feeling great. Great staff, great service, latest technology and very well kept environment.

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We Offer Flexible Financing So Patients Can Get Timely Care

Dental implants are an investment in your oral health and can help you minimize future dental costs. But we understand patients need to fit treatment into their budget. To help patients get the dental care they need, we offer interest-free financing through CareCredit®. We're happy to help you navigate insurance and financing options.

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What to Expect During Treatment

Timelines will vary depending on your treatment plan, but most implant procedures generally follow along these lines:
We use 3-D cone-beam CT scanning technology to ensure the precise placement of dental implants and long-lasting results.
We use 3-D cone-beam CT scanning technology to ensure the precise placement of dental implants and long-lasting results.


One of our dentists will meet with you to discuss your goals and use a 3-D CBCT scanner to assess your mouth and bone density. If you are a good candidate for implants, he will explain your options and answer any questions you may have.

Preparatory Procedures

Some patients need preparatory treatments to create a healthy foundation for implants. If needed, we have the skills and technology to extract severely decayed teeth, treat gum disease, or perform bone grafts and sinus lifts. 

Implant Placement

The treatment area will be numbed and, if you desire, we will administer nitrous oxide so you can rest comfortably. The implant will then be placed in the jawbone and the area sutured closed. 

Healing Period

The treatment area will be left undisturbed for the next three to six months to allow bone to naturally grow around the implant, fusing it in place in a process called osseointegration. 

Abutment Placement

After osseointegration, the gums will be opened to reveal the implant and a connector piece called an abutment will be attached. In about two weeks, the gums will grow around the abutment creating a natural seal.


Once the gums have healed, your dentist will take an impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth to guide creation of the restoration. In many cases, we can use our CEREC technology to mill your crown or bridge and attach it immediately. Dentures typically take longer.

Restoration Placement

When your restoration is ready, we will check that it fits comfortably and blends in with your natural teeth before attaching it. The only thing left is for you to share your beautiful new smile with the world. 
Drs. Fatse and Scovic

The Offices of John G. Fatse, DMD

Drs. John Fatse and John Scovic have been practicing top-level dentistry in Monroe, CT, for decades. Their expertise enables them to perform advanced procedures, including dental implant surgery and complex full mouth reconstructions, in-house at our high-tech, inviting practice. Their prestigious affiliations include:

  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • The Academy of General Dentistry
  • The American Academy of Implant Dentistry

You can request an appointment with our simple online form, or you can give us a call at (203) 268-5051.

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