From cosmetic applications to general and restorative uses, laser technology is a versatile tool for treating a wide array of dental issues and refining your smile. Dr. John G. Fatse and Dr. John Scovic utilize laser technology because it offers several benefits to our patients, including minimized discomfort and faster recovery times. If you are interested in learning more about laser dentistry at our Monroe, CT dental practice, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Laser dentistry tool

What is Laser Technology Used For?

We integrate laser technology into many of our services, including:

Gum Contouring 

This cosmetic procedure involves removing excess gum tissue to address an overly gummy smile. Patients who have prominent or disproportionate gums may benefit from soft tissue contouring. This treatment can achieve an overall more uniform, balanced smile. Laser technology cauterizes as it cuts, minimizing the risk of infection and reducing recovery time. This virtually painless procedure can dramatically improve your entire appearance.

Periodontal Care 

Our doctors use laser technology to provide comprehensive periodontal care. Tartar buildup can develop into plaque, which over time, can lead to the development of gum disease. Patients who develop this condition can benefit from laser-assisted periodontal treatment. During scaling and root planing, also known as a deep cleaning, your doctor will remove bacteria from below the gum line. An extremely thin laser fiber, only about the width of a few human hairs, is inserted between the gum tissue and each tooth to remove bacteria and restore health to the site.

Treating Damaged Teeth 

Drs. Fatse and Scovic use laser technology to treat damaged or decayed teeth. A combination of water droplets and laser energy can be used to remove decay prior to placing a filling and also to clean the deep recesses of a tooth during root canal therapy. Lasers sterilize the teeth and minimize the risk of future decay. Laser technology also eliminates the need for drills, which can cause discomfort and potentially fracture the tooth. 


Laser technology can be used to perform biopsies on soft tissue which shows signs of abnormalities. During an oral cancer screening, laser energy is used to obtain a tissue sample for biopsy during a quick and virtually painless excision. 

Treatment Benefits

Laser dentistry offers many benefits over traditional techniques. In the past, soft-tissue procedures, such as gum contouring or removing tissue for a biopsy, involved the use of a scalpel and sutures. However, laser technology eliminates the need for both, reducing discomfort, minimizing bleeding, and shortening your overall recovery time. Laser dentistry allows for precise, effective treatment of periodontal issues and dental decay. By more precisely and effectively eliminating tartar buildup or decay, laser technology can minimize the risk of developing more extensive issues in the future. Because laser technology does not generate heat, sound, or friction, it is especially beneficial for treating children or patients with dental phobia

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